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Ache in the body...

If you have gone a whole life without processing things early in life and go on holding things down - what does that result in? What must it result in? Can it result in ache in the body?

Kirkengen writes about fibromyalgy, ache in the back, rheumatism...

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Now at 17.15 a translation to Swedish what Kirkengen has written about fibromyalgy on the pages 150-151 in her book "How Abused Children Becomes Unhealthy Adults" in the chapter "Reviktimized in medical treatment: Camilla Crohn". And as fibromyalgy is (most often or always?) a female disease I perhaps don't try to translate it into English?

Kirkengen skriver alltså på sidorna 150-151 i sin bok "Hvordan krenkede barn blir syke voksne" ("Hur kränkta barn blir sjuka vuxna") att :
"Att kronisk ickemalign smärta kan vara relaterad till erfarenhet av kränkningar, blev rapporterat för första gången 1985 från en amerikansk smärtpoliklinik /.../ Kvinnor som kategoriserade som 'somatiserande' utan att behandlarna eller forskarna hade undersökt bakgrunden för den [smärtan], har påvisat en högre risk för att utveckla så kallade kroniska smärtsyndrom i kroppen, som då kallas muskel- och 'skjedesmerter' eller fibromyalgi. Då blir sådana smärtor definierade som uppgifter för specialister i neurologi, fysikalisk medicin eller allmänmedicin. De senaste åren har vi fått stadigt fler studier som dokumenterar ett samband mellan kränkningserfarenheter och kronisk smärta. Man har försökt att belägga möjliga samband mellan fibromyalgi, alltså generell muskelsmärta, kronisk rygg-, nacke-, huvud- och ansiktssmärta å ena sidan och missbruks- och kränkningserfarenheter å den andra. Några av studierna inkluderar bara kvinnor, några både män och kvinnor. Bland kvinnorna i dessa studier anger mellan 47 och 65 procent både smärta och missbruk. I en kanadensisk studie bland kvinnor med sexuell missbrukserfarenhet i barndomen hade 69 procent av kvinnorna smärtor i kroppen som blev diagnpsticerade som fibromyalgi. De tillfrågades inte om de också blivit fysiskt misshandlade eller hade bevittnat våld i barndomen."
Yes, I will try to translate it I think, by the way, because this was so interesting and important i think:

“That chronic not malign pain can be related to experiences of violations was reported for the first time 1985 from an American pain polyclinic /…/ Women who had been categorized as ‘somatizers’ without that the caregivers or researchers had investigated the background for it [the pain], have proved a higher risk for developing so called chronic pain syndromes in the body, which are then called muscle or ??-pains [I couldn’t even translate this to Swedish, but I think it is muscular-skeletal pain, I am after all daughter to a nurse too :-)] or fibromyalgy. Then such pains are defined as tasks for specialists in neurology, physical medicine or general practice medicine. The last years there has come steadily more and more studies which document a relation between experiences of violations and chronic pain. One have tried to prove possible relations/connections between fibromyalgy, i.e., general muscle pain, chronic back, neck-, head- and face-pains on the one hand and abuse (addictions? Misuse?) and violations-experiences on the other. Some of the studies are only including women, some both men and women. Among the women in these studies between 47 and 65 percent talk about both pain and abuse. In a Canadian study among women with sexual abuse experiences in childhood 69 percent of the women had pain in the body which became diagnosed as fibromyalgy. They were not asked if they also had been physically abused or had witnessed violence in childhood."

Also see the blogs about infections in the urinary tracts and chronic fatigue syndrome, which all can be due to exhaustion of the system and thus an immune protection that isn't really functioning because of this exhaustion??

The English word "revictimized" comes from victimized which means plågad, bedragen, offrad, straffad or gjord till offer in Swedish. So revictimized means that a person is plågad, bedragen, offrad, straffad igen. So this is the English word of today...

Took Kirkengens book "Inscribed bodies" with me out on the balcony with some supper and read more about fibromyalgy in that book... It stood more interesting things in that book, which I will write about - tomorrow maybe...

Kirkengens both books together means 194 + 439 pages of text including "Notes" in "Inscribed bodies" (which also seem interesting), so it's a lot to read!!! But worthwhile reading... And gets easier and easier to read?? Hopefully!

Now at 19.00 a TV-concert from Berwaldhallen or the Berwald-hall (Franz Berwald was a Swedish composer) in Stockholm with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, a jazz-band and the Swedish singer Tommy Körberg. After that a program about an expedition on the balsa raft Tangaroa that recently started, on the day
(April 28, 2006 actually?) 59 years after the Kontiki-expedition, done by one of Thor Heyerdahl's grandsons Olav?

June 4: both programs were great!! :-)

According to Sohlman's, the Swedish music-lexicon in five volumes, Franz Berwald was a Leonardo da Vinci-type in the romantic area of Sweden (he was born July 27, 1796 in Stockholm and died April 3, 1868 there). Despite the circumstances around
and many anxieties, he could create, unaffected (it seemed) as a Mozart once!!! Originally he was violinist, infant prodigy (underbarn), but didn't really live up to this as grown up. Also played piano, enough good he thought to seek employments that he though didn't get... It stands that he was also industrialist (industriman), so he was also investigator? In composing he was autodidact, i.e., (almost in this case?) self-taught. The article about him was five pages long...

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