måndag 11 juni 2007

Morgonbetraktelse/morning contemplation...

I ledare idag i DD skriver författaren Henning Mankell om chef på lokalteater... Personalen här har under lång tid varit missnöjd med sin chef, vilket inte är någon hemlighet som Mankell skriver... Vid minst ett tillfälle har skådespelarrepresentanter uppvaktat styrelsen om problemen utan att få någon respons.

Mankell skriver att han också tycker att det är utomordentligt märkligt att en chef så ogenerat biter sig fast trots allt motstånd.

Ja, det här med chefer... Tänker även på min egen arbetsplats...

I båda dessa fall handlar det om kvinnliga chefer. Man tror att de ska vara annorlunda? Men kan de ibland vara ännu tuffare än män? Också? Och rent allmänt vad för sorts chefer har vi idag? Jag låter det vara osagt om de var bättre förr...

Arebetslivet och samhället är så radikalt annorlunda än hur det var för bara 20 - 30 år sedan??

Men motiverar det hur det är idag?

Bara en stilla undran så här på morgonkvisten...

Och blogginlägget om ACE-studien som fortfarande i högsta grad bara var ett utkast blev tydligen postat igårkväll... :-)
In a leader this morning about the boss, female, of a local theater here, the author Henning Mankell, which once started this theater, give voice to his opinions. His wife is by the way Eva Bergman, daughter to Ingmar Bergman and also director (and maybe also leader of a theater, in Gothenburg?). And Mankell himself has a theater in Africa, Mozambique... I think. So he has experience of this. So his glasses are colored. But on the other side he didn't stand on the boss' side.

The staff has reacted strongly against this boss for many years. But the boss rivet herself firmly to her position, which Mankell can't understand.

I came to wonder silently about bosses in general, and bosses in particular... Are female bosses better? Or different? Can they even be tougher than male sometimes? And more generally; what sort of bosses do we have today? But were they better earlier? I don't know. Work life and the whole society and world is different from how it was only 20 -30 years ago?? But everything hasn't turned for the better I think... But is this motivation for how it is today? I just wonder... And question it.

People are played out against each others... Fooled to compete with each others, instead of cooperating... I think.

But I think that even today people are dependent on other people and should cooperate and support each others, and work together... Even today, yes. Or not least today. In this extremely complex world?? Is this very naive? Maybe extremely naive!?

What is life for? Why are we living on this earth? Is life only about working and making a big career? These questions aren't unnatural for Scandinavians to ask. :-) Even though we are seen as hard working I think... And very responsible taking?

Have read the first part of Michelle Paver's book "Wolf Brother - Chronicles of Ancient Darkness" (in Swedish!!) which is about stone age people... And supernatural things, really (very much). Actually a book for young people... Relaxing for a grown up to read (I read all sorts of books really!). Gives maybe some sort of a picture of this time... A little at least?! But it is a fantasy book?

There is much underline in this blog post... A lot of hot feelings under the surface... As the creatively (??) working I am. Reacting strongly, very strongly!? Hmmm...

And the blog post about the ACE-study was actually a not finished draft!!! I blame the computer for this, old and very warm yesterday evening when I sat here sweating and writing!! I wasn't even aware of this until I now saw it in the morning!!

I cooled myself down (needed!?) with going out on the balcony the last hour before bedtime to finish the book above!! :-) It was really wonderful out there!

My not yet fixed up balcony at 21.05 yesterday evening.

Michelle Pavers web-site. About the Clan - Torak info.
Svenska sidan om Vargbröder/the Swedish site about Wolf brothers (worth a visit even from English speaking people!). Found the last link in the third book and the others on this site.

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