tisdag 26 juni 2007

Short notes from the magazine MåBra...

Got the magazine “MåBra” (something like “FeelWell” in English) a couple of weeks ago. It has been lying on my balcony after a first skimming through it…

There are short notes among longer articles and chronicles in it.

Here some of the short notes, with a smile… Maybe some are more serious or are worth both a smile and serious reflections??? Or? :-)

Forty-five centimeters is the distance most people feel comfortable with to keep to other people… That’s what a person’s comfortable “room” is. If someone comes closer we have a tendency to take a step back!? Coming closer can be experienced as threatening… Yes, so I think it is… (and by age it can be disturbing if people are coming too close too!!! :-) When siblings children show something just under ones eyes I have to push it away a bit to be able to read and/or see!! If I don't have any contact lenses in my eyes or glasses on. If I don't I need to have the text fairly close! :-)).

And this was probably known to many already!!??

An exercise to get a better memory according to researchers at the University in Manchester: if you look from one side to the other for 30 minutes *) each morning you improve your memory with ten percents!!! Think!! When the eyes are working from the left to the right (without moving the head!?) the brain halves are forced to cooperate more effectively, even later during the day.

*) of course this should be seconds!! Doing this for half an hour sounds a bit... :-) I wonder how I would feel after such an exercise???

“Women on pictures lower men’s ego”. That women feel inadequate (otillräckliga) by seeing pictures on other women in magazines is maybe not so surprising to most people, but did you know (!!??) that men too get bad self esteem by watching pictures of beautiful and attractive women??!! When he sees an attractive and sexy women on a picture he fantasizes about how her dream man looks – and soon realizes that he can’t compete with this man. He can feel complex for his body too and his ego can become lowered… Think!!?? Yes, I can imagine...

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