torsdag 7 juni 2007

Site for down-loading music...

I got a new number of the magasine "Opus" today actually, just after I had written about the former yesterday!!

Here a site for down-loading music!! At But I am not sure if this is only for subscribers of the magazine "Opus". But maybe it's worth a try for others too!??? :-) I guess it is a fairly lot of classical music on this site, because this is what the magazine Opus is mainly about... In todays world there is so much commercial music so magazines like this and sites like this is needed I think.

In fact it stood about the conductor Esa Pekka Salonen (born in Finland 1959, and speaking Swedish too, he is what is called Finnish-Swedish actually?) in this new number, who is leaving the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra now after 15 years there, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall that is newly built (2003)...

He talked about this; attracting a new audience... And it seemed as they had succeeded with this is Los Angeles. When young people have dates they go for a concert!! Nice!! :-) (hope older do too when and if they have dates!! :-))

Salonen thought people in Los Angeles has a freer approach to music than Europeans have, and than people in New York has, and this gave his work a new dimension (not a sort of morale phenomenon, that it shall be played like this or like that, executed so and so, there but not there etc.). He realized that music has a physical aspect too!! Music can be related to the body! He started to get interested what music can make in the body! Music has much more with biology than culture to do he says! We want to dance when we hear music.

He also said that music has as much with body and movement to do as with soul and intellect. That sounded nice I think! Yes, it shall stir feelings!! :-) Make one feel that life is worth living...

And he also mentioned the fact that he got a chief-role when he was in his 20s. Thus when he was between 20 and 30. "When one doesn't have any experiences and doesn't know how the world is functioning one has to balance such lacks", which he thinks is one of the reasons why young believe blindly in something. If they wouldn't the world would be too threatening. He thinks he himself had fairly dogmatic views about what was right and what was wrong then!! :-)

He thinks that Americans from the east- and west-coast has much in common with people from Europe what concern the view on the world. But thinks there is of course another America, the obstinacy and incompetent (okunnig)!! What did he mean by that??

I have ordered a new computer with a CD-burner. So soon I will be able to burn CDs!! I also have an mp3-player, which I learnt to handle with some difficulties a year ago or so!!? :-) This technique!

But I wonder if I have bought this new computer too expensively!!!? Not good! My younger brother had got a brochure from Dell with Dell-computers and the model was much cheaper there!! I bought my computer from the net, the Dell-site!!! So I wonder if I shall try to cancel my order and ask my brother to order one from that brochure instead! Maybe an even better computer for the same price as I have already paid!???

So maybe I can start to record music myself and all that later when I get this computer... But do simple recordings I think!!! Because I want to do a lot of other things too, and more than recording music I think! And it isn't only music in my world either, even if it means a lot!

Eagerly writing, the words "stumbling" over each others!!!

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