söndag 24 juni 2007

In the middle of writing...

In the middle of writing about these heavy topics a break for washing my hair, going to the grocery store... I am going to make lasagna and a hopefully fresh salad to it, home baked bread, to a lunch to a sister her son and "husband" which are coming here for lunch... Hmmm, I am already hungry!! :-)

My brother in law is going to help me with my new computer a little more, to connect it to the wireless network etc.

The second day with lousy weather!! Grey and wet... But I think I won't have to take the car to the store. Can cycle between the houses. It's much more practical with the bike!! With parking it if nothing else, compared to a car!! :-)

Oh, it would be nice with some warmth...

Addition at 17.15: Now I am surfing wireless with my new computer here at home. Nice. But it was really tricky before we managed it!!

I wouldn't have made it on my own. I have Window Vista (not my active choice though) on my new computer and it created a lot of problems when we should install my antivirus protection. But at last we managed it!

Now I need to go out, get some day light after being in the whole day almost. And the weather also makes me quite tired. The dog Eskil also reacts when it is bad weather. Then he don't want to go out even if he hasn't even seen what weather it is. He just senses it!! A comfort really!! :-)

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