måndag 11 juni 2007

Sommartorpet/Summer Crofter's Holding...

Har precis kollat på Sommartorpet!!

Have just watched the first program of ten about renovating an old barn to a house to live in. This program use to come back every year since I don't know how many years, each year with a new object. Interesting to watch I think... Even if this site is in Swedish one can get an impression what it is about I think!

A bit down on the site it stands "Följ med bakom kulisserna på inspelningen av Sommartorpet" there you can click and then pictures comes up taken during the renovation.

Click on "Nästa bild" to come to the next picture.

Now I am going to see a British series "Waking the dead".
At 23.03: Blowing now before bed time... The weather changing?

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