fredag 1 juni 2007

Syster fyller 50 år/sister turns 50 today...

En av mina tre systrar fyller 50 år idag... Hon är det tredje syskonet på litet drygt tre år av sex... På allt som allt 12, 5 år, av vilka de fem första föddes på exakt 7 år.
One of my three sisters turn 50 today... She is the third in line on a little more than three years... The first five were born on exactly seven years. So, yes, the first five came very close. And the sixth when the first was 12, 5. All with the same parents...

How was it with the amount of attention for each child? How did each of them get seen?

Hmmm, and what expressions has that given?

We are all very hard working, but not people that take much space I think... Not out for a big career... Very responsible-taking? All of us? And taking too much responsible? At work...

Both taking too much and maybe also refusing to take... For some... A need to balance it?
What has this meant for competition? For achievements? For a lot of things?

Some quiet thoughts - a sunny day - at last...
Addition at 18.40: My sisters son and "husband" had kidnapped her and taken her to a spa in Värmland, Selma Lagerlöf spa... I phoned her when a nephew was here to help me with a CD-burner, and we sang for her... We didn't manage to get the burner to function.

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