fredag 22 juni 2007

At last out on the net...

Now I am out on the net for the first time with my new computer!! Fantastic! With the help of one of my brothers in law. But I would probably have managed it myself - I think! On the first photo: Two of my nephews to the left and my youngest brother to the right, and the neck of a brother in law.
I wonder if we are fairly lucky with the weather here in Dalarna where I am celebrating midsummer!? It hasn't been any rain yet and we have been sitting out eating herring at lunch time. But I think the weather is worse in the southern parts - not fun!

The relatives in the north sound as they too have ok weather.

Now we are going to grill... Nice. I have taken photos on celebrations we visited here which I will publish later, with may pole and plays.

Happy midsummer or Glad midsommar to all who happen to read this blog!

Addition: now some photos added back home again. When I drove home it started to rain a little and was fairly cold out...

On the last photo the neck of my youngest brother and another of my brothers in law t the right..

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