tisdag 26 juni 2007

Overly responsible taking...

Struck me, when when I took a shower and washed my hair (doing things seem to stimulate my thinking!! :-)), about making people feel comfortable...

That nobody shall feel excluded...

Women (generally) tend to take responsibility for the atmosphere, for instance at work places. And stress researchers mean this can be one (of many) explanations why women have been exhausted the last ten years during and after the steal bath in economy.

The pressure has been heavier on those women that tend to take a lot of responsibility in slimmed organizations where more people are tired or exhausted and easier gets outbursts... For those who take responsibility for the atmosphere at the work place too or even too much to carry. Why more women have been on sick list the last 10-15 years... (when we also have had more lousy bosses?).

With this not said that this can't cause problems and irritations for the ones around such a woman/person!!?? But the one that suffers most of this is after all the one that takes more responsibility on her/him than is hers/his!!??

And from where does this stem??? Being forced to take much more responsibility than the ever so clever child ever can take or should take?? And which never was her/his duty at all!!!
Maybe signs of early tragic circumstances???

Fast and spontaneously written as almost always with all what that mean!!

PS. Read something in this style:
"…responsible for looking after others feelings, which one shouldn't have needed to. Still finding oneself doing that, even now, today, an extremely hard habit to break, and does it come of being a loving gentle (???) child, who had to look after everyone else’s needs except ones own?"
Making oneself invisible, no-needy and instilling guilt in all around?? Or, the opposite, refusing to take responsibility for what you should take responsibility for??

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