fredag 8 juni 2007

Sommarlov/summer vacation!!!

Sommarlov!! Hurra!! Svåger ringde och bjöd på paj och grillkväll. Systerdotter Fia går ut grundskolan. Mysigt!

Har ännu inte kommit in i duschen, men i alla fall diskat! :-)
Summer vacation! Hurray! Brother in law just called, invited me for lunch and grilling later this evening. Nice!! Niece Fia finishes what we call "grundskolan" today. Next year she start the gymnasium, hopefully the aesthetic program (theater). She wants this very much.

Still not showered here, have just done the dishes. It's really warm! Maybe I should take the bike for the tour before that lunch and buy strawberries to have with me!?

Both Bob and Anja has started blogging. Both this last week. Fun!

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