måndag 11 juni 2007


What? Breakfast? Now?? But hello!! Yes, being out on my bike now I in fact started thinking about breakfast!! Of everything you can think of!

After having invented what I needed to buy most I went to the supermarket before lunch today. Bought ingredients to Anja's bread! And to my muesli... And food, and this and that.
So now I am going to bake Anja's bread - with fruit in! Apricots or figs?? I haven't decided yet.

In the store there was a girl 8-10 years, angry dark eyes!! She had lost her mother in the store!! The mom had just disappeared! "Oh, mom's!!!! They are never where they should be or where one put them!!" Yes, she really looked like that! :-) I had to smile at her.

But I wanted to write about my favorite breakfast!!! (would this be something for you, Bob? :-) Or is it too healthy??? :-)).

This contains of light sour milk with my home-made muesli. If I have any I take a sort of jam in it too, made on black currants, figs and banana and thus fairly sweat in itself, no extra sugar (which I don't use in either case! :-)). I drink a glass newly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice and after it a BIG cup of coffee with milk.

After this I am satisfied even to lunch. But if you for instance have a bread like the one Anja tipped about on her blog, then I could think of taking some slices of this (not so many though!!) with cheese and butter between breakfast and lunch with a cup of coffee or tea. To it a fruit!! :-) And/or sliced green or red bell peppers (paprika!!) on the cheese and bread.

My muesli:

3 deciliter mixed grains on the four cereals (eventually only oat groats) (blandade gryn eller havregryn)
3 deciliter sunflower grains (?) (solroskärnor)
1 deciliter flax-seed (linfrön)
1 deciliter wheat-germs (vetegroddar eller hellre havre- eller vetekli)
1 bag dried apricots (aprikoser)
a bag prunes (katrinplommon)
raisins (russin)
0, 5 - 1 deciliter soy-flour (sojamjöl)

I chop or mix the fruit in a food-processor (if I do the latter I put cereal grains and/or flax-seed in it and mix them too). And have this muesli in my fridge as it is so much fruit in it! In a big glass-can with lid.

The black-currant "jam"

3 deciliter black currants, fresh or frozen (svarta vinbär)
6 figs which has sought up water for a couple of hours (blötlagda fikon)
0, 5 - 1 banana (banan)

Mix all these ingredients in a food-processor or with a mixer and put in small boxes and freeze in the freezer. You can have this mix in the fridge for a couple of days (three days I think).

And I use to double this recipe or more.

Oh, now I got hungry too!!! :-) Maybe some evening food??

Suddenly saw yellow flowers on my bike-tour, looked like orchids!??

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