fredag 8 juni 2007

Artikeltips/tips about articles...

Ur DD idag: Greiders ledare "Siffrorna är ju sensationella", "USA viker sig litet" och "Män på dagis". Samt insändaren "Nya arbetarpartiets meritlista".
Tips on articles in a local newspaper this morning. For instance one about US and reduced carbon dioxide discharge. And about men working with small children at kindergarten.

English word of today "carbon dioxide" which means koldioxid in Swedish.

All pupils and students go for summer vacation today... It's a wonderful summer weather - very warm in this part of the country.

I think I am want to quote from Jennifer Freyd today... And translate to Swedish parts that I think is very interesting... And maybe write some blog posts about what she has written...

Still very diligently and ambitiously... Phew!

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