onsdag 27 juni 2007

Ingmar Bergman archives recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World International Register...

Here information about this; the first in English and two in Swedish: here and here. :-)
It stood that Alfred Nobel's archives are also recommended at the same time. Astrid Lindgren's are already included.

Bergmans arkiv - nytt världsminne! Tack Anja för tipset!! :-)

Addition at 14.10: Am about to pack my car and going north on a trip. Probably stepwise to Norrbotten? Let's see. So blogposts will be fewer and not so long as they have been? But you shall never say no!? Maybe I write nevertheless on the portable computer and as much, and just log in shortly on he net for publishing them on the blog?

I am taking some books with me, for instance an anthology about Astrid Lindgren I got today and that has come recently. So maybe I want to write about her too? :-)

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