fredag 15 juni 2007

From Barbara Ehrenreichs' blog...

Here examples of what stands on Barbara Ehrenreichs' blog (sounds as it could have been written here!? At least the last blog post! And the first almost as it is here today: to talk about inequality isn't always legitimate here?):
"Banish the Bloated Overclass
Twenty years ago it was risky to point out the growing inequality in
America. I did it in a New York Times essay and was quickly denounced, in the Washington Times, as a 'Marxist.' If only. I've never been able to get through more than a couple of pages of Das Kapital, even in English, and the Grundrisse functions like Rozerem."

"Listen to the Children
Teachers tell researchers they’ve never seen so many children coming to school sick. Guilt-ridden mothers share stories of sending ailing kids to day care or school out of fear that staying home with them would result in discipline on the job."

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