torsdag 7 juni 2007

Artikeltips/tips about articles...

Ett par tips om saker som står i DD idag: debattartikeln av bl.a. Josefin Brink "Regeringen skapar förlorare", samt insändare av läkaren Ingegerd Wahl: "För tyst om alkohol och våld mot kvinnor". Slutligen ledare av Greider om G8-mötet i Heligendamm.
Three tips about things to read from a Swedish paper this morning: "The government creates losers" by politicians in the opposition here and "Too quiet about alcohol and women", by a female doctor. And a leader about the G8-meeting in Heiligendamm.
And tips from a Norwegian friend: More about pain!!
"Kan smerte måles?" A study from 1968 established that babies can’t feel pain. New research has shown that this isn’t true. It’s the opposite, parts in a baby’s brain isn’t yet developed enough so that a child is capable to tolerate pain!! The baby/small child is more sensitive till those parts have developed properly.
"Hva er smerte?"
What is pain actually?
"Mer enn bokstaver". In "pain-language" they use a lot of expressions and shortenings*, but pain is much more than this...
"Forening mot smerte".

* Shortenings such as:
– Astrid Lindgren Pain Scale (fins i to versjoner)
– Comfort Scale
– Faces Pain Scale Revised
– Numeric Rating Scale
– Premature Infant Pain Profile
– Visuell analog skala
Mer tips, från ETC denna gång: Om tema semester/about the theme vacation "Vakta din semester". "Protect your vacation": about the differences in the world concerning the lengths of the vacations, and what our new government probably wants??

According to an investigation done by Yahoo Hot Jobs 39 percent of the Americans that answered was so exhausted that they didn't even manage to think about vacation!?

En artikel av Maria -Pia Boethius var också bra "Var är motståndet?" Jag håller med henne - var är det? Another article "Where is the resistance" over what's happening in society and in the politics? Where is the solidarity and loyalty with other people? Is it only egoism that rules the society? And world? Shouldn't we all be concerned? But what can we do - first? And what should we do - first??

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