söndag 3 juni 2007

Glamor models have often been exposed to abuse…

In an article in a Norwegian paper you can read that many girls which have been exposed to abuse when they were children become glamor models.

A Helen Rask in the article was herself exposed to abuse when she was 15 years old and thinks this made her become a glamor model. Now she means that many models have experienced similar things.

She thinks much of the explanation lies there.

“I got a need for maintaining (hävda) myself. I felt very dirty and shameful after this event. I wanted to show and prove I was worth something more”
she says.

And she gets validation in this by other models and a psychologist.

Is it similar mechanisms many others of us use when we are working so hard, it suddenly struck me?? (see earlier blog post today) We use different strategies to cope with things we haven't got help to process? We need to prove we are something worth, that we have the right to live and so on...

“When you are exposed to abuse [sexual here?] you are in a position where you are exposed to something. When you are the one that is admired or wanted, then you are in a power-position. You are in the possession of something others want. Taking this control back makes you feel good [my addition: but it doesn't heal the wound, and this feeling will not last? Sooner or later the surrogate mirror will get crushed? By the way I think Kirkengen writes about plastic surgery and that it doesn't solve the underlying problems researchers have found]”
a psychologist says.

“It’s sad to say it, but it is common that glamor models have experienced abuse early in life. Many have said no to boys, but not being respected in this [by the way, a Swedish female lawyer means that the law should be changed, so it isn’t a question of saying 'no' to sex, but to say 'yes'!! And here what Jennifer Freyd writes about CSDM comes again, but I will come back to that later]. It’s fairly manly not to take a 'no' for a 'no'”
says another woman to the newspaper.

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