onsdag 1 augusti 2007

More high thinking...

I visited the place (an agricultural school just outside Umeå in Västerbotten, the Forslunda gymnasium) where I lived the first almost seven years of my life. Dad was teacher at this school (he was agronomist). I will publish photos from there later. But now I have limited access to the net again.

But this together with other things triggered the following thoughts:

How is it to have a mother which is paralyzed with help- and powerlessness sometimes (or even occasionally)? Whom you have to console and take care of even though you are very small yourself, even a baby? When you yourself are small, dependent, needing care, safety, security, not being overloaded with responsibility or demands… When you are too small for taking such responsibilities, all to small!

One of mom’s fellow students from her studies to nurse long ago that she hasn’t had contact with for many years said to mom recently, when mom called her, that she “remembered k. so well, with her blue eyes, so clever to talk (very early??).” I don’t know if she asked mom what I do now.

Dad’s aunt (my father’s sister) also noticed (in her thought) these clear-eyed eyes of that child in the baby-carriage, when she visited the young family (when we lived at the agricultural school mentioned in the beginning of this blogpost).

On this school the first four children were born (on five years) and when we moved the fifth was on her way…

I drove down to Hälsingland yesterday... It rained almost the whole way!!! A lot from time to time. But here the sun has been shining the whole day. I drove FROM the bad weather I think!!! I really need warmth and sun now I think!!

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