torsdag 23 augusti 2007

Authentic Voices International...

The ACE-study's site is upgraded!!! Watch!

I found a link to another site there "Authentic Voices International". On this site it stands:

"The Value of a Voice

We believe that by telling the stories of our lived experiences, we can help dispel the secrecy and shame that keep people from moving on toward a brighter future.

Who Are We?

Authentic Voices International (AVI) is a group of adult survivors of childhood sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse and neglect. We are dedicated to helping other adult survivors recover from the trauma of the past, and to preventing today's kids from suffering the same experiences we lived through. "

In the ACE-reporter number 4 it stands:

"Authentic Voices International (AVI) is a grassroots group of adult survivors of child abuse. AVI members come from all walks of life. What we have in common is a history of childhood trauma and a present desire to put an end to child abuse and neglect. We do this by applying our many, diverse skills and talents to dispel the ignorance, secrecy, and shame that allow child abuse to flourish."

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