fredag 24 augusti 2007

You and me/jag och du...

A leader-writer wrote in her blog today that she believes in Martin Buber's thoughts about the dialog - the meeting between Me and You - which has something to contribute with in the life in church (she is finishing her studies to "priest" now). We have to create to a dialogic culture she calls it and break with giving orders hierarchically...

And I also read an article in a magazine I got today about exactly these things (but here reverse) in the new school policies: where the question about dialog between teacher and pupil/student has come far behind populist demands on strict discipline and what's more like submission. Awful!!! (Authoritarian and totalitarian!!??). What about two authentic selves (teachers don't have to develop as human beings any more? Or the incitements for that decreases?? Or - there isn't enough resources for this time-taking dialog, it costs less with an authoritarian discipline???) Need to pour out things again!! :-) The words comes tumbling over each others!? And I have difficulties to find words and expressions on all emotions!!! :-) I have difficulties to be cool and rational and to calmly analyzing??? :-) Horrible!!??

It's possible I write fewer blogposts this weekends... Maybe none?? Let's see.
Helle Klein skrev i sin blogg idag bland annat:
"Själv tror jag att det är Martin Bubers tankar om dialogen - mötet mellan Jag och Du - som har något att tillföra församlingslivet. Vi måste skapa en dialogisk kultur och bryta med den hierarkiska ordergivningens."
Jo, men ett möte mellan två sanna själv??? Eller som är så sanna som de förmår?

Addition August 25: the authoritarian school where children shall (learn to) obey!!??

And I also wondered for myself what child that actually manages better later in life; can it be the disobedient? Not the clever really??? The clever CAN have made her/himself entirely invisible and be, what Miller calls, a false self entirely and don't know who she/he is?? Just a silent thought... (I have many former clever children in my family, and I was one myself, and we go on being those clever children, now grown up clever children!!! Look how I work for instance, despite fulll-time work! Writing as much as I do, reading a lot, educating myself, sending emails to people with photos out of the blog without getting responses or even a thank you, and these people don't even have proper hobbies, or a lot of activities out of work!! But work takes so much!!! People don't have time. But my work also takes a lot of time, both my hobby and my work, and I need to keep up my own playing. Where do I take my tíme and energy from? I am effective in what I do, and makes things swiftly, yes... What does this mean in longterm for me? What can it mean? What has it meant so far? Private in the middle of all!! Because I don't believe in super.women or men!!! A human being has limits! Sooner or less one realizes this!!! What would be the healthiest attitude?).

Can the clever, obedient child sacrifice even more??

And what are children supposed to adapt to (and learn, yes, what sort of lessons?) too? Problems children show in school can both be about problems at home and about the school... Be about either/or or both... Things easily get swept under the rug?? (in work-places too as it is now I feel strongly and ironically)... Now I am thinking and writing from thoughts I got reading the article referred to in the blogpost about behavioral therapy in school... Which I still have to read better!!!

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