torsdag 9 augusti 2007

Silent morning thoughts...

Came to think here this morning about therapy… Here cognitive-behavioural therapy is very popular. Doesn’t take a lot of time (and thus not a lot of money either)!? Quick fixes??

Changing dysfunctional behaviors to a functional one… What does it actually change? Aren’t changes on a deeper level possible? And if they aren’t, would it be even more important to inform about the effects of mistreatments?

Is it for satisfying the therapist/s? Whether it is conscious or not for him/her...

And if the client come to realize nothing hasn’t changed much, that he/she wasn’t especially clever (ironically)?? What then? The client blames her/himself (this defence is strengthened. See Bosch about Primary defence)? But where lays the fault? (now also in the therapy and therapist?? Kirkengen actually writes abut this, for instance in her book “How Abused children Becomes Unhealthy Adults” in the third part of the book “Structural Phenomena”, about “Destructive Authority” and for instance in the chapter “Abuse of the Role of Caregiver”, see link to the excerpt in English to the left in the link list. Yes, is it in fact abuse of an authority role???).

Also came to think about a child’s needs… A child’s very natural needs… The less they are satisfied the more demanding the child? Maybe the child is even seen as unnaturally needing? Needing more than children in general!??

But these “unnaturally big needs” can they come from that the child’s needs has got fulfilled so little? That the child had to live on starvation diet? And maybe also did this cleverly, because there as no other options?

And if the child got what it needed how would that adult behave? Which needs would she/he actually have as grown up? What are we seeing around us everywhere? Over the whole world?

Needs for which the grown up was (and maybe still is in old age) totally insensitive for? Can’t see or sense at all?

So we have to resort to coping-methods? Just to survive? Which isn't strange and nothing to moralize about!!??

Sometimes I feel and think it's even worse that so called "experts" don't understand these things than that parents don't... If experts doesn't understand and know can we then demand this of parents?? Not that I want to protect them either...

See blogpost "...on presciptions of sleeping drugs..." with additions today.

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