lördag 4 augusti 2007

Morning thoughts...

Kirkengen writes about sexual abuse during childhood, probably including physical and emotional abuse and disrespect (disrespect for the child's feelings in many respects/aspects), my amateur-translation from the Norwegian text of things at page 115 in Kirkengen's book "How Abused Children Becomes Unhealthy Adults" ("Hvordan krenkede barn..." in Norwegian):

"The most mentioned health-problems in the women were pain, generalized and local, constant and periodical. The pain wasn't principally, for the most part, located to the lower abdomen (underlivet in Swedish), but also there. The women were operated on several times. Two in three of these operations were about problems in the stomach and the lower abdomen."

What does this violence cost, in both (and not least) well-being/health and in money? This violence that is silenced and played down! Neglected when it happened and neglected even later when the abused seeks help for problems of all different kinds. Neglected even by professionals, who don't want to hear about it (mostly or with very few exceptions), not only in psychiatry but also in somatic medicine!!

Just a silent wonder now in the morning...

I also wondered: How many women are allowed (or have been allowed) to behave like persons as Ingmar Bergman? Men are allowed to be aggressive?? They don't have to take responsibility for their aggressivity or explain it (unless they don't committ real "crimes", but they can committ crimes "in the silent/quiet", as long as you can't see it visibly?)!? Because it is their "nature"! (Is it? And to what extent?? Think if this presumed aggressiveness was problematized...) If a women had been (or is) like an Ingmar Bergman - how would that be??

Neglect/neglience (förummelse in Swedish), abandonment (övergivande in Swedish) even if you don't literally abandon the child physically (but psychologically) - how is that? If you don't want to hear or listen etc.

I have had an fairly extensive conversation about issues connecting to the ones above and think I will write about that conversation later...

I feel very ironical... Doesn't all loose on this? Both women and men!? And the whole society?

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