onsdag 22 augusti 2007

The disobedient child...

There was an article in the Swedish magazine ETC about disobedient children getting electro-shocks. Is this really true?

A reportage by ”Mother Jones” about electro-shock for disobedient children was linked. We read about strict discipline which touch submissiveness (and IS about submissiveness, pure submissiveness)… No dialog between the child and grown up??? Just obey!!?? As the child is stupid and nothing understands, only understands the hard language (and I can imagine some children are so harmed that they maybe aren't able to help any longer... But... Something that could be prevented to an even higher degree!?? By information among other things. Complex things, yes, are handled with "simple", quick fixes!!?? I don't find words, literally for all that is going on in the society).

It stands at this site:

“… the Judge Rotenberg Center, a facility where autistic, mentally retarded, and emotionally troubled children from eight states are subjected to food deprivation, social isolation, and even electric shocks.”

At the news here it is a lot about foster-home children and what they have been exposed to and endured... It is the first news. "Stolen childood" ("Stulen barndom" in Swedish).

I wrote about the clever (obedient) child in the previous blogpost...

The obedient, clever child - what becomes of that child?? It makes great success, but to the prize of what? And what becomes of the obedient child? Does it take revenge later??

We have a school minister talking about "tougher grips" in the school... Very populistic!

Yes, where is the dialog?? Ugh, from deep in my heart!! I don't like this - at all!!! And I was the clever, well-mannered, obedient child... I have seen that side... And what THAT leads to.

Just some spontaneous morning thoughts... Yes, it is really a backlash in society, to a much more authoritarian one (with the risk of being totalitarian???)... Scary...

Normality can become psycho pathological as it stood in the blogpost referred to in the previous
blogpost here. I also came to think about my studies in pedagogy 20 years ago where one of the books were about "normality"... Yes, what we consider as "normal" what can be hidden behind that?? Tragedies?? Both later perpetrators of crimes and later victims of crimes of all degrees have been created??

The book I mentioned is titled "Normality" ("Normalitet" in Swedish and Danish) and is written by Jesper Holt. I think it is written in Danish (not Norwegian). On the cover it stands (my translation):

"The society values its normal human beings highly. It educates children to loose their selves and become meaningless and thus normal. Normal human beings has killed maybe 100,000,000 of their normal human fellow beings the last 50 years"
Ronald D. Laing is quoted here? Yes, Holt is Danish!!?

It stands further on the cover:
"This book discusses the normal normality-apprehensions and what these mean for education and treatment." (my amateur-translation again).
This book was written already in 1978, and I bought it in April 1985!!!

Addition: I think Jesper Holst is now associate professor, see this link!!!! A biography over him exists!??

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