onsdag 8 augusti 2007

Bergman again...

About Bergman on Sweden.se by the professor Mareet Koskinen. She wrote a book (came 2002) about Bergman based on Bergman’s own archives, and she is the first one who had access to these archives, I read it and reacted. I thought she is very psychoanalytical influenced, so I reacted against her analysis and interpretations of what Bergman has written, done, and what Bergman’s mom wrote in her diaries (Bergman's mom Karin was a very talented writer I think)... But I think Bergman himself approved of her (Koskinens) work (he too was influenced by Freudian ideas even if he never entered a therapy-room if I have understood it right. He was afraid of loosing his creativity if his neurosis was cured, something I think many artists thought then and many years further!? So they struggled with their depressions and neurosis and demons!!?? Which is so very sad! Because I don't think the creativity gets lost. On the contrary I say as non-expert).

The former head Åse Kleveland at the Swedish Film-institute got the message from Bergman that if they could fix a lorry they were welcome to fetch “skiten” (the shit). The “skit” was Ingmar Bergman’s archives with all his manuscripts, notes, synopsis's, sketches, photos and “behind-films”.

Bergman donated this archive to the state (to this country) and the Swedish Television, The Swedish Film institute, Swedish Film-industry and the Dramaten which together should form a foundation to administer the archive. I get an impression this archive is enormous!!

PS. A Norwegian friend sent a link to a review of a new book in Norway which a well-known Norwegian man, Trond Kirkvaag, has written about his father Rolf Kirkvaag (Born 1946, thus 28 years younger than Bergman), also a very well-known person in Norway, and how he treated his children. The father died 2002, 82 years old, and short after this Trond's twin-sister also died. This Trond has now cancer, severe?

This book has caused debates i Norway... Which proves that it is still difficult to raise issues like these in society??

People want to believe in the idealized picture they have!!?? Not loose their illusions? And isn't that about THEIR history?

So it isn't easy to reveal such things for a child to such a person?? Not even as grown up... And it was even more difficult earlier!? And then nearly impossible??

I googled on these two persons, and think the father Rolf really looked like a very nice and kind old man!! See here too. Difficult to believe, yes!!?? But I think the son is right!! And what he does means a lot to others I think!! And it was this that was referred to in this readers' letter.

Tillägg 20 augusti om föräldraskap (manligt och kvinnligt) och om Bergmans pappaskap i Tommy Jensens blogg "Lämna plats kvinnor, fast inte så mycket som Bergman fick". Tänker på mängden kvinnliga konstnärer genom historien... Inte minst på musiksidan...

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Sigrun sa...

Jeg glemte visst å fortelle at Trond Kirkvaag døde i november:

Det var fryktelig trist. De som kjente ham, sier alle at han var verdens mest elskelige menneske.

Jeg synes det er så ille at mange angrep ham for at han fortalte at faren slo ham da han var barn, når de visste at han var alvorlig kreftsyk og ikke kunne forsvare seg.

Mange møtte fram i kapellet da han ble bisatt: