måndag 13 augusti 2007

A fantastic female pianist...

I should focus at starting the job (at 13.00 today), but as a reply to Anja (interested in piano-music) and to mention a female musician (!!!): here a tip about a pianist I like very much, Martha Argerich. She is a fantastic pianist! An Argentine pianist born in June 1941. See links here, here and here (the last link is in Swedish, but with link tips to English sites?).

There is also a link to YouTube where she plays Chopin!! A Polonaise I think...

Addition: a tip to download music (with great recordings!?), go to Emusic.com. You have a free trial for two weeks there I think!

And now I saw that her two parents were German (diplomats?)!! So she is German of origin!? Despite she is so dark-haired!

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