onsdag 29 augusti 2007

The pianist and composer Steve Dobrogosz...

Found Steve Dobrogosz' site! He has written music, jazz-influenced, which we use with our students. Fun and nice pieces. Here about him at Wikipedia. He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and moved to Sweden 1978 when he was 22 years.

See for instance "The Keys" 24 short pieces in all keys. And another sheet with the piece "Resting place". You can listen to three of the pieces from "The Keys" and to "Resting Place" (in a version with oboe and piano) at this site, where you can down-load his music too including these pieces!! And he has also written three pieces for four-handed music in a sheet called "Marches" (Sand Castle Music), which are fun to play too! The first there is called "Month of March", the second "Middle March" and the third "Marching Hare".

A tip for the piano-teacher and piano-amateur! And for those who are only listeners.

PS. Dobrogosz visited my work-place maybe 20 years ago, together with a jazz-singer, before he had written any of the mentioned pieces...
Eskil has upgraded his blog too! About relaxation, Nordic Walking, jogging and stretching!! :-) Things he is a master of (except then Nordic Walking!! :-)). With a photo of a cat that also knows what relaxation is - if Eskil isn't in the environment that is!!!

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