tisdag 7 augusti 2007

A strong feeling…

A strong feeling: the political editor-in-chief and leader-writer to the local newspaper (liberal) here and the paper itself feels old-mannishly (old-mannishly in a negative sense, “gubbig” in Swedish) authoritarian!!! This is entirely ok in the climate of the society today?? Tapping people on their heads!!??

And people like this!!! Or some does at least?? The ones for which this is familiar, but maybe not consciously experienced?

Does he behave as his father did once? I can’t help wonder very ironically and with suppressed anger and indignation.

Isn’t he what we would have said 15 years ago like a “mans-pig” (mansgris in Swedish)???

And I wonder how old he is actually, with an ironic smile… Maybe just a couple of years older than I??

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