torsdag 30 augusti 2007

More about the brain…

Just some morning-thoughts I just had to get out, need to pour out. I am still wondering a lot about phenomena occurring in society, the world, in forums, in debates etc. Ideas that are opportune today, and why they are. Because I think many of them are horrible… And not least the way of passing these ideas further. Triggered this morning when I once again skimmed what Miller has written on "Child mistreatment, Child abuse - What is it?" and the role Enlightened Witnesses can play.

Bosch writes at page 46 in her book:

“LeDoux’s research illustrate that certain information is repressed in a place not accessible to our conscious mind, and influences our behavior without our conscious awareness of it.

A part of our brain that plays a major part in this process is the amygdala, an important part of our brain when it comes to strong fearful emotions. The amygdala is the part of the brain that stores the memories of strong, fear-producing experiences, without needing to be connected to or communicating with the neo-cortex, that part of the brain involved in conscious and more rational processing. The amygdala, therefore, is capable of storing emotional experiences of which we have never been fully conscious, resulting in Repression and the resulting divided consciousness.”

The reactions are immediate, and without consciousness involved, on triggers. We aren’t even aware what’s happening. Even if we (which try not to harm others consciously) have the best will in the world!! But we can ALL work on this and the knowledge is there for us all!! So this is never an excuse to harming others...

I have been thinking about how we have been raised… More or less authoritarian and totalitarian, which means learned to obey without questioning the treatment we endured, punished without even being informed about the crimes we have committed. Was the child so evil so she/he didn’t even deserve to know, born evil/with the devil?? Or worth to be treated without respect and without losing her/his dignity and human worthiness?

What can this result in later in life? If we don’t have the luck to encounter a helping witness of some kind? Or if the regime at home is so authoritarian and totalitarian?

So now, if and when people in power-positions, for example politicians (and later leaders for whole nations) use this way of speaking and behaving; very authoritarian, condemning (against certain groups), maybe even totalitarian (questioning, explanations information, cooperation isn’t allowed or hardly exists) this is applauded by these who were raised by very authoritarian people?? And if the society and leaders and politicians etc. gives the permission to use this style of behavior the more harmed praise these ideas??

And what we see as “rational” people and decisions, are they? Always? Or sometimes not at all? Even if they seem to be to many of us? And the ones expressing themselves with a lot of emotions are less reliable?

Less sound leaders what can they create? Who do they talk to, which now gets rights to play their unconscious sides out? Sides they aren’t aware of and denies? Denies more the more harmed they are and the less they are inclined to work with them? Or acknowledge their problems?

Who needs power and gets it? Why do they need it?

One use to say that power corrupts… And, I don’t know, maybe one has to be very strong and self-aware and sound/healthy to resist what comes with power? Which is no excuse at all for any power-abuse of maybe any kind?

How does one more effectively handle this as individual, when one joins debates in forums, blogs etc.? And does one handle it in the public debate if one goes into it or when one analyzes what people say in media, what media pass forward?

The less you have suppressed/repressed the better you can handle it I guess? Now I am thinking out loudly… I am searching for something… The clearer you see and perceive things and the world and phenomena… And can handle it more constructively!?

I think I will write more about this and more about the amygdala and the brain later!! :-)

See earlier blogpost about the brain. And what people in power-positions also use is playing on guilt-feelings some people have a lot of!?? Or some acknowledge more than others. To make them feel ashamed and quiet and "turning" their heads to the ground... And this method isn't only used unconsciously but also consciously I would say... And horribly many approves of this and why is that? See the recent blogposts about guilt and manipulation-brainwashing: "Guilt - part one" and "Guilt - part two".

Contempt for weakness, and needs for revenge on someone (a scapegoat/s because we are still so afraid of our early parents, so we can't react on them even now as adult and not power- or helpless as the small child we once was, but have to act these feelings of anger etc. out somewhere. The fear is still so enormous, stored in parts like the amygdala), and do it as violently as possible , even if it's "only" about emotional/psychological violence/abuse?? And in the wake also coarser physical and sexual violence occurs... And the amount of this also increases!
(all rage we couldn't show or even feel then has to get some outlet, and usually we let all these feelings out on weaker. But this will never cure or heal us, only cover things up even more and make us even more distanced to our/the truth).

See the American neurologist J.H. Pincus on for example the criminal (serial killer) Trent Scaggs, and the other blogposts on his research about his findings on what creates the worse criminals and what upbringing "only" creates bigotry (trångsynthet)... All with authoritarian parents/caregivers, but more or less violently...

English word of today "the wake" which in the case above means "kölvattnet".

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