onsdag 8 augusti 2007

The Fisherman's Paradise......

The first two photos are from my uncle's summerhouse and the second two from Jokkfall in Kalix älv (Kalix river), called "The fisherman's paradise" in the link... Water can be both peaceful and wild! Another link about Jokkfall (in Swedish). And a third, in English, about fishing in Norrbotten.

All from Överkalix in the county Norrbotten. We bathed in both the lake and the river when we were children - eagerly!! Map over Sweden with its counties. I have lived in
  • Västerbotten (AC),
  • Västernorrland containing the landskap Ångermanland and Medelpad and in these two landskap I have lived too (Y),
  • Skåne (M),
  • Gävleborg containing the landskap Hälsingland which I have lived in and Gästrikland which I haven't lived in (X) and at last
  • Dalarna (W).
  • My maternal grandparents lived in Norrbotten (BD) and I spent all summers there (a month each summer or so?) from I was a baby (now I have to experiment with editing again!! And using the buttons which was lost. Childish as I am!? :-)).
And note: I am no fisher at all myself, even if I HAVE fished!! And been rowing boats... Even rowing in the Kalix-river...

Kolla uppdatering av denna blogpost.

PS. In the evening at 19.28: I got a soar throat two days ago. Slept on it and the next day it had gone. At the same time the summer-warmth came and it has been at least three warm nights in a row on top of everything!! So today I have been really tired, because of lack of sleep and it feels as if I am walking like in a glass-bowl or something! But I have taken a bike-tour, because I think it's good not to sit still or only lie down (and now I am not sick any more I think).

Yesterday when I listened to a music-program on TV my hearing was rather odd! It sounded as the artists didn't sing properly with the instrumentalists!! ("inte sjöng rent" in Swedish).

Tried to sleep on the balcony after lunch, but now my nose or rather throat have started running (?? Was this the right expression?? :-))! I have a sort of allergy, which I don't take medicine for... So I use to get these problems when I have colds!!

I have almost head-ache... I wonder what sort of night I have to look forward to?? Poor me!! :-) Both angry/irritated so I could explode or scream or something and I have to laugh in the middle too!! I fear it will be another warm night... Phew!!

And, yes, I have tried tea with honey!!! But drinking late if one want an undisturbed sleep... I sleep in a loft-bed... (and there it can be warm too).

And, how tired I am of that diligent k... So productive and clever... Extremely tired.

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