fredag 17 augusti 2007

The need for power and power-struggles…

The more unprocessed things we have with us (and especially the ones from early in life) the more difficult we will have to process and handle difficulties in our grown up lives, difficulties we always meet in life. The more unable we will be to protect ourselves adequately and constructively and perceive the world, other persons etc. for what they are?

Jenson writes in her book that when we have succeeded to regain our true mental health we can’t hurt anyone else without sensing the other persons pain too. We will no longer believe that power or wealth can give us something really important. We won’t be able to live with anything but the truth – before ourselves and others. And the best is that the better our mental health becomes, the more we distance ourselves from power-abuse and violence.

She also writes about reliance on a “higher power” which she means can protect us from healing. Because we need to confront ourselves with the painful truths, this reality must be experienced (bit for bit) and not be mitigated, alleviated by notions/ideas from the grown up world, ideas the small child couldn’t understand (conceptualize??). See the blogposts about “karma”!! In fact, Ingeborg Bosch has also written about religion, both western and eastern and to say it briefly; she means there are similar problems in both even it doesn’t look like this at first sight. I will maybe write a blogpost about here view on these things later.

If you have processed things through you get les needs to protect yourself and demonstrate your power, take part in power-battles??

I do neck-breaking connections between things??? From the lowest to the biggest??

People can get to hear:

“Let go! Don’t be so tense and secret!”

But if one don't/isn’t, than that’s not good either!? No, but probably not with all people in the world!

Jenson means that if you think something will last for ever, noone will ever appreciate you, noone in the whole world will like you – ever in your whole life etc., than we are dealing with something from the past! Because the truth is that nothing will last for ever, everything has a start AND an end, there will always be someone that can/will like you, of all billions people in the world there will always be someone that can appreciate you and want to have with you to do (though not easy to realize if you really are in the child-consciousness). Probably you won’t feel it like his! On the contrary! But IF you dare to confront yourself with this feeling... Preferably in the precence of a person you truly can trust, as a friend, the one you live with or if you have the luck to encounter a therapist in whose company you can do this work, then...

Power-battles in relations will always be a wall... Keeping people apart and on distance? Also from themselves?

Addition at 22.00: the photos are from a bike ride this evening. Dark clouds...

My fantastic English... Writing full of emotions! So I can burst many times, with all what that means...

And with this amount of posts only in three moths... I haven't had time to really think of how how to label them, to find earlier posts easily... On different themes. I didn't know it should be so many... :-)

My work then?? Yes, I am slowly entering it, hopefully being able to focus more and more on it!! Have printed a composition out I got with a newsletter this spring (I think! It was many months ago though) from music mind games, written by its founder Michiko Yurko, variations on "Twinkle, twinkle little star"!! A child song you can find here in Sweden (Blinka lilla...) and in Germany and France too... Mozart has written 12 variations on this theme (in C major).

Addition August 18: Here about "Twinkle, twinkle..." in English and in Swedish.

See the Swedish song-book with texts translated to other languages, English for instance, some with music too...

Here the whole Swedish text (I only knew half of it!!):

Blinka lilla stjärna

Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar var du är.
Fjärran lockar du min syn,
likt en diamant i skyn
Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar var du är.

När den sköna sol gått ner
strax du kommer fram och ler.
Börjar klart din stilla gång
glimmar glimmar natten lång.
Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar var du är.

Vandraren på nattlig stig
för ditt ljus, han älskar dig
Han ej hade sett att gå
om du inte glimmat så
Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar vad du är

Ofta du med blick så fin
tittar genom min gardin
Sluter ögat ej förrän
solen visar sig igen
Blinka lilla stjärna där
hur jag undrar vad du är

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