söndag 19 augusti 2007

Health risks with residential mobility/hälsorisker vid rörlighet i boendet ...

See about health risks with residential mobility in the CDC-study: "Childhood residential mobility and multiple health risks during adolescence and adulthood: the hidden role of adverse childhood experiences." I suddenly found this study which I searched for earlier when I linked another CDC-study (referred to in the blog-post about sleeping drugs!!) Thinking of my fairly many movements during childhood... I lived in five different places (i.e. less than eight, which was mentioned in the study).

Addition August 20 (in a hurry, starting work, a meeting, at 10.00): I have read the "article" linked above a little better now. In it it stands for instance:
"Previous data suggest a relationship between mobility and increased health risk, but this relationship might be confounded by unmeasured [and not seen or heard or sensed] adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)."
Yes, this is an example of how you pose questions and thus what conclusions you may draw (your sensitivity for seeing things, for sensing. Or for being insensitive and blind for things)!!?? Came to think about Getz and her essay about unexplainable complaints... (and by asking the wrong questions you can't help the person with problems/troubles either!! Or prevent problems, like health problems!!). And isn't this a parallel (or similar to) things I took up in the blogpost about rationality contra emotions!??

It isn't the mobility in itself that's the problem? But changing environment, friends etc. isn't fun either... Are you as child allowed to get sad over such things? And mobility can it be a sign for something? And there are probably other questions to draw?? In a hurry here...

English word of today "confounded" which means "förväxlad, hoprörd" in Swedish.

Citatet ovan översatt till svenska:

”Tidigare data föreslår (för tanken till) ett samband mellan rörlighet och ökade hälsorisker, men detta samband kan vara förväxlat/sammanblandat med inte mätta [inte sedda, hörda, för vilka det saknas känslighet - och varför saknas det känslighet?] negativa barndomserfarenheter."
Addition at 16.00:

I got fairly glad today… A colleague came and told me that her daughter and her class-mates had spoken a lot about teachers before they quited the gymnasium (the aesthetic program) this spring. This daughter had said that my students had said a lot of good things about me (only good?)… My colleague said that my students were in a class of its own the most satisfied students (piano-?). Fun. But no, all students/pupils aren’t and haven’t been satisfied always and during all times… But this was fun. Actually I had no idea really in this case... I thought otherwise... Enormously diligent, passionate, interested, positive...

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