onsdag 15 augusti 2007

The High Coast...

From my journey this summer (the photos are taken with one week between, the first when I drove north, the second when I drove south): To the left Skuleberget. About Skuleberget in Swedish.
According to Wikipedia: the coast-line laid 285 meters higher than it lies today (the land elevation, after the inland-ice many thousand years ago). The mountain has a myth-covered cavern which is said to have lodged rubbers. The cavern lies high up at the mountains side. You can walk up there (I have never done that). But what I was learnt when I grew up and lived in this area (just outside Örnsköldsvik), as I remember it, was that the cavern was a cavern which the Vikings sailed to!! But I think the story about the rubbers are the more right one!? :-) They could sail fairly safely there and hide in the cavern with what they had rubbed???

Skule national-park with nice pictures, though in Swedish. The weather at Skuleberget.
The second picture is on the High Coast Bridge.
Facts about the bridge and he building of it. Pictures from the bridge, today (even a web-camera) and from the building of it. Click on the pictures. About the bridge in English. Another picture on the bridge.

About the Word Heritage The High Coast - a site I warmly recommend (about all our World Heritages here in Sweden).

And watch this page about the Trönö old church!! Which lies in Hälsingland where I spent my vacation painting a house!!

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