fredag 3 augusti 2007

So called helpers…

Many of them lack abilities to cure their clients/patients!!?? Therefore they use the methods they use!? Coping-methods, which they think has helped themselves. By forwarding them they don’t have to realize or acknowledge the truth about themselves more than on the surface. Too many don’t have to, and haven’t, seeing up to their teachers as if they were complete and with no faults?

They just forward a faith, and by forwarding it they don’t have to confront their own stories (which they are deadly scared for? Which is probably reasonable, but no excuse for their behavior - at all!?)!? Miller writes about this; therapy - and society - steered by the fourth commandment in her first, revised book, and her last two books, of which the last is “The Body Never Lies”. And in “Paths of Life” about guruism…

Symptoms are treated, not the underlying causes!? Things are seldom or never really processed. Which would be possible; as therapists like I. Bosch, psychologists like Jennifer Freyd and physicians like Anna Luise Kirkengen thinks. Processed to a much higher degree and processed n most cases, with few exceptions, fewer than we believe?

And once again - I think only getting the opportunity to narrate your story/history would be of help for many, maybe in many cases the only needed help?? And be of help for all others too, even the most harmed!!

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