måndag 13 augusti 2007

More about childhood and psycho-somatic health...

Inspired by a comment from a friend on my blogpost "Kopplingar barndom och hälsa..." that these things seem to need to be spoken about and mentioned again and again, and repeatedly.

And I guess what I am trying to say with what I write (becomes a bit clearer with time I hope?? I'm searching after something it feels) is that experiences in childhood doesn't "only" cause psychological/mental problems, but also criminality (and how and to what degree, probably entirely the origin, J. H. Pincus for instance has shown, he is the only one I know of so far, but I recommend his book) and in psychosomatic, organic diseases (as Kirkengen and Getz for instance has shown)!

So negative/adverse childhood experiences can result in not only psychological problems, but in criminality or in somatic sickness. And the persons mentioned above show how in their books. But these things are extremely controversial!?? It's almost totally forbidden to blame parents!!?? Miller thinks that one reason is the suppressed fear we all feel more or less that hinders us from talking openly about these things in society, a taboo. Because I think we don't! We only dare to see a tiny little tip of the ice-berg!??

Now I also found some very interesting readers' letters on Millers web about these last links, to bad health, about a General Practitioner and the one with the title "Psychosomatic Symptoms and Working Through the Pain #3". Letters I have only skimmed yet, but they seem VERY interesting!!! So now I have something to read when I come from work! I hope I can focus now at work; on our first meeting! Phew!!

Addition at 15.33: This is what happens at out meetings!! :-) Didn't increase my ability to focus! Who can? This small boy is so cute. Has recently learnt to walk! He also walked without help!

Or was it dad he had to help with walking??

And while they doggedly walked round there (you have to train if you shall learn - didn't you know!!??) dad discussed a jazz-project!! :-)

English word of today "dogged" means "envist, segt" in Swedish.

PS. (at 17.20) I strongly recommend
the letter linked above from the General Practitioner! A very long letter! Nine (9!!) pages!!

About Dr Gwenda Delany in the Guardian at this page!!

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