måndag 30 juli 2007

Ingmar Bergman is dead...

Ingmar Bergman died in his home on the isle Fårö this morning . See DN and Aftonbladet about this and on the SVT-site (the Swedish television's site).

His Sommar-program in Swedish radio summer 2004.
In English on "Face to face". Another site in English. Svenska filminstitutet (in both Swedish and English). Even more.

Addition August 3: a tip from Helle Klein's blogg. And the site "Face to face" again. My "entrance" to Bergman is through his former wife, the pianist Käbi Laretei, and I haven't seen many of his films (hardly any) but read almost all his books, and from his mothers diary, and a book by Mareth Koskinen based on Bergman's archives, which he doanted some years ago to I am not sure right now... This last book I reacted against, because it was so psycho-analytically influenced!!

Käbi wrote a book some years ago about her life with Bergman, and she in fact mentioned Alice Miller!! I wonder if her son Daniel Bergman had informed her about Miller's existence?

And I think artists of all kinds have been influenced by Freud unfortunately. But Bergman was sceptical towards therapists, so he never entered a t herapy room, as far as I have understood. And I wonder if that wasn't a luck after all...

I also read a chronicle/column, "The day when Bergman phoned me", yesterday in one of our evening newspapers by a young female journalist, Belinda Olsson, who had reacted against Bergman as a father (he was a really lousy father). Bergman phoned her and she thought she was exposed to a joke, but it was Bergman, that was amused over what she had wrïtten, and they had a one hour long talk. Unfortunately this column is only in Swedish.

Käbi Laretei and Ingmar Bergman influenced and inspired each others mutually!! He admired here enormously, admired her intelligence and talent... And Bergman was very interested in music, but thought he was tone-deaf, visited concerts every day almost, when he lived in Stockholm.

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