torsdag 19 juli 2007

From the wooden-castle or hostelry Gästgivars...

From an old hostelry (gästgiveri) we visited yesterday before I went home. They were doing handicraft there when we came... See sites on the net about this place/house: in English and English again here and in Swedish here.

On the photos an old organ, a man carving horses and other things, and articles made of straw (Christmas things).

English word of today "hostelry" which means "värdshus" or "gästgiveri" in Swedish.

Addition after a bike-tour before a dinner (light!! But I am fairly hungry, hmmm...): More about the wooden-castles *) and the most famous of them in the same area as Gästgivars!! I strongly recommend a visit of these sites!! I didn't know about them before!! I lived here, in this area, for 5 years, when I was 18 (when I had moved from Skåne in the south of Sweden) till I was 23!!

See the former blogpost about the linen-county Hälsingland!!

*) Denna hemsida är om Träslottet i Arbrå.

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