måndag 30 juli 2007

More from the travelling diary…

Two days in Morjärv and Överkalix...

Yesterday morning I took my walking-poles (ski-poles) and went for a walk in the wood just above the houses in the village Forsbyn, in woods owned by their grandparents (paternal) and now by the three brothers since their parents are dead (my aunt and her husband). After me Sofie and Joel came running, Joel still in his pajamas!!! They should follow me on my walk. Joel in his pajamas too!! (he likes that pajamas!? Is walking almost till lunch in it, hmmm…). :-)

The evening before their uncle (now living in Umeå working as teacher in handicraft instruction) which is spending parts of his vacation in Forsbyn (fishing for instance) spoke about wild animals, such as elks (mooses) and bears in the woods here. The longer we came into the wood the children started to fantasize about bears. Think if we met a bear.

Suddenly when I had thought of turning around and walking home Sofie saw a big dark thing in the distance; was it a stone, or the roots of a tree or – a bear???

Despite I said that I wasn’t afraid at all that we should meet a bear they became more and more scared. And I was even less afraid because these children were speaking like Chip and Dale (Piff and Puff in Swedish), with no interruption and in the mouths of each others the whole walk!! All bears must have heard this and run far away (big bears afraid of small, eager children speaking)!! :-) We walked till we saw that it WAS a stone - actually.

We came home safely!! Phew!! :-)

Out there in the wood the children suddenly saw a very small frog, which looked like the chocolate-frogs in Harry Potter!! They had to investigate it of course!

We spent the rest of the day in the village Överkalix and a small village outside Överkalix (approximately 30 km south from the Arctic circle), where one of my uncles live and where the other uncle has a summer-house.

The summer-house lies near a lake and Sofie and her father took one of the boats and rowed out on the lake and fished. They got some perches (abborrar).

So back home in Forsbyn we grilled these perches and ate them with thin unleavened bread (tunnbröd), a typical bread in the north of Sweden. All this delicious I think!!

A photo over Överkalix from the north and on the Kalix river in Forsbyn. My oldest uncle's wife is a fantastic baker!! So I added a photo of the coffee-table, with the dangerous dragon Joel got when we were to IKEA!!! :-)

And we finished the day in Forsbyn before we drove back to the town Luleå with fixing one of the walls to the woodshed (vedbod) in the cow-house (barn).

I didn't have connection with the net and couldn't use my cell-phone the two days we were there "in the north"!

The day started with rain, as this morning also did. But now he sun has come!!

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