måndag 23 juli 2007

PS. to the blogpost about Lev Vygotsky...

PS. A spontaneous and silent reflection now in the morning: Since Vygotsky it has happened a lot in research of the brain... What is lacking in all these pedagogical ideas are underlying causes, such as how the child has been treated and allowed to express itself - or not being allowed to express itself...

Expressing itself in different ways; how is it expressed in small children and older and how do you handle it as "outsider"?? Do we see it in their hearing, seeing, understanding, in their fine-motor movements, in their ability to learn, to concentrate and in focusing... But for to cope with this one as grown up has to have a certain extent of self-knowledge... But this work you have to do much on your own, because you don't get help with this really if you seek such help (in therapy etc. and I wonder if you get help with a lot of different "techniques", these only give short-term help for yourself?)...

I have my reflections from my youngest sister and her work (as helper) and her interest for things like zone-therapy now for instance... That's the help one gets? To cope with things, i.e., to survive (and not to live a little more, be more alive, not almost living dead?)??? And maybe one shall not moralize over this?? But I wonder if this means that you are hindered from passing things further (I don't think you are, for not to pass them further it needs something more)), these techniques to cope will not make you sensitive, empathic, enlightened, more than to a certain, limited degree?? And maybe a very limited degree??

And you yourself go on living a half-life?? Maybe that's ok for many though?

Got an email from a friend who wrote about a family-member which didn't know about Alice Miller and soon his studies to psychologist are finished. My friend had mentioned her name. When my youngest sister studied at college for social studies (1985 and forward?) Miller-books were literature in therapist-studies... They aren't any more?? Because her ideas are more controversial again?? Too controversial? Why is that? Does this have to do with what Judith Herman writes about the controversial topic "trauma"?? Where periods of enlightenment has been followed by periods of back-lashes?? As when Freud took his trauma-idea back an created his drive-theories?

Even instrumental-pedagogues read developmental psychology... But why doesn't a child develop "as it shall"?? hat question isn't addressed!!?? Wasn't when I studied, and I think it isn't today either?

Maybe I will write more about this?? Thus more about things concerning my work!!?? Which I have avoided so far very much I think?? And, yes, I have worked for 30 years as teacher (and a lot as church-musician have worked a lot, too much during all years: to be good enough?)... So I must have learned something hopefully, if I am not extremely hard-learned (ironically) and totally insensitive (which I maybe am?? Even more ironical)?

And working with music you are working with emotions, with expressions etc. Maybe that's no guarantee for sensitivity??? For fantasy, imagination, seeing, hearing etc.? We can be as blind as many others??

I have tried to develop my knowing not only in my work, but also tried to work with myself, a lot really... And I have done all this out of interest, curiosity, eagerness to understand... Not for careers sake...

To be personal... (a bit angry and rather ironical am I??)

Yes, we work with technical things, and we use different methods whether we want it or not!!?? But I don't want to be a "technical teacher"... I TRY to go on my gut-feeling, if feelings are to trust?

Maybe I will take this further later? (I hope I spelled right now, I don't check what I have written now).

Addition July 26: A readers’ letter on Millers web from a student of counselling and psychotherapy on Ireland about Alice Miller.

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