torsdag 26 juli 2007

Visit to the Ralph Lundstensgården...

We visited the place where the Swedish electronic music composer Ralph Lundsten grew up. He was born in Ersnäs outside Luleå in Norrbotten (the north of Sweden) October 06, 1936, and grew up with an uncle (brother to his mother) as foster father.

About him in English (Wikipedia). About Ralph Lundstengården in English.

His home-site in Swedish, and about the place where he grew up, Ralph Lundstensgården in Swedish.

We have also visited the new Culture-house here in Luleå and I will blog about that later too.

Addition: the stone-walls to the cow-house or barn were really thick, almost one meter?? And this farm wasn't one of the poorer!??

I write with children around, who have a lot of energy, hence the manner in which I write now, even more than ever!! :-)

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