fredag 27 juli 2007

Some high thinking about integrity...

Fairly early in the morning: I have come to think about the topic integrity... Have read in Kirkengen's books a little in the middle of "touristing"... A topic I think I will develop further later, when I have more time. Now in the morning the house is sleeping...

Kirkengen writes about how violations of integrity leads to illness... And that is preferably violations in childhood. And this illness comes in different ages, sometimes not before the upper middle-age. And this illness isn't only of psychological or psychiatric nature but also of somatic (and psycho-somatic).

Integrity has with boundaries to do!?? Respecting them...

Bosch also writes about this (see earlier blogpost about this). In first hand she has explored which effects violations of sexual integrity has on health. But she mentions other kinds of violations of integrity. She also writes about medical making in biomedical interventions leading to illness stemming from sexual violation in the bottom, which the care-giver has problems to deal with. And the effects of this.

She means that her study provides evidence that psychiatric and somatic medicine, "by means of a naturalist theory and an objectivist methodology, contributes to the silencing f social and relational pathology" (page 7 in "Inscribed bodies").

All of us have probably been exposed to violations of our integrity early in life and during our whole upbringing,more or less. Some more and others less, thus in different degrees. And of different kinds.

This causes problems, more or less severe??

The worse case of distrust, is that paranoia??

I have had a talk with a friend about these topics, and about the topic communication... About communicating, about communication... About talking.

The difficulty of where shall I keep secret ad when not? When shall I open up and when be careful about that? When can my openness be misused and when isn't there such a risk? Are questions I have thought further on...

This is highly thinking, in a sort of diary manner.

And as a thought I got a tip to an article about limit-setting and a following discussion on this, on "Grensesettning - barnas behov?" ("Limit setting- the children's needs?"), when I actually was thinking over this topic.

In this article it stands something in the style:
“Through history: In relations where there is asymmetry in power the stronger part has often put forward his/her use of power as the satisfying of the weaker’s needs. But can this hide needs in he one with power instead?”

To finish this blogpost: I think it is different when it is about children and when it is about grown up this all; children are really the ones "under", but as grown up you have options, you can chose to a much higher degree, unless you aren't dependent ? As at a work-pace, or even worse you are in a concentrations-camp or something like that!!?

Children-adult-relations demands the deepest respect from the grown ups side (including self-knowledge to an as high degree as possible), grown ups between demands something else: a mutual respect? Where both have the same rights and "duties", to communicate not least...

Found an interesting article in this blogpost.

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