fredag 6 juli 2007


From "Schubertiana".

“So much we have to trust, simply to live through our daily day without

Sinking through the earth!
Trust the piled snow clinging to the mountain slope above the village.
Trust the promises of silence and the smile of understanding,
trust that the accident telegram isn’t for us and that the sudden
axe-blow from within won’t come.
Trust the axles that carry us on the highway in the middle of the
Three hundred times life-size bee swarm of steel.
But none of that is really worth our confidence.
The five strings say we can trust something else. And they keep
us company part of the way there.
As when the time-switch clicks off in the stair-well and the fingers – trustingly –
follow the blind handrail that finds its way in the darkness.”
From “Shubertiana” by Tomas Tranströmer

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