fredag 13 juli 2007

Before starting the day's painting work...

Before I start the day’s painting-work…

Read a leader Helle Klein had written some days ago (July 9), a leader I had tore out from the paper, about the Live Earth gala, it slipped out of my diary when I lay in bed and should read.

She had seen an exhibition of photos “Spirit of the Wild” by Steve Bloom and got fascinated and astonished over all these pictures. The richness of our world.

She wrote (in Swedish) for instance:

“It’s the knowledge that that everything belongs together which probably is the most important a sound opinion about the environment can mediate (pass forward) /…/ … the last decades mantra which has sworn allegiance to short sightedness, selfishness and ‘marketification’ of the existence and life on the earth. If we are to save the planet we must be led by three other lodestars: long-rangerness (långsiktighet, i.e. that things/decisions are holding over time), solidarity and democratisation.”

In short: a respect for life.

Yes, I agree. But why the lack of respect for life?

I was about to read something else I had written yesterday before I turned the lamp off for the night. So now in the morning I started to search for something in Jenson’s book, a theme I had thought of writing about. And found a lot of other things in that book, too!

She writes for instance that her work has had as starting point the thought/belief that early, painful memories can’t be processed by the child (not without help) and that our unconscious has as task, among other things, to protect us from being fully aware about these experiences full effects (page 22 ion the Swedish edition).

And what I searched for: when we behave as we can’t do anything out of own power without the help of others, or the opposite; when we strive to behave/perform as if we never need any help whatsoever, we either behave exaggeratedly dependent OR as we don’t have any dependent needs at all (page 20-21 in the Swedish edition).

And I also found something at page 31 in the Swedish edition: The unconscious, the defences, repression and denial cooperates for to protect people from becoming aware about truths or experiences which would form a threat to their lives, or something.

I am thinking on what we see in politics… The total lack of empathy and the contempt for weakness many show today… Am thinking about neo liberals… Here in Sweden, and aren’t they the alike all over the world?? The extremes what concern dependency: the ones denying they are dependent on anyone else, they can thus do whatever they like??

Experts (economists for instance) and societies, politicians etc. approves of this selfish and greedy approach?? So now it is quite ok to have these ideas and behave very selfish and egoistic??

I am for instance thinking of what Pincus wrote about societal approval for those hurt and damaged… And what Bosch wrote about teaching children to be unselfish and share their toys…

I wonder what will happen in the future… If there will come other ideas? A schok-realization? That people realize we can’t go on like this? The stupidity of some ideas, the utter stupidity? I came to wonder how Nobel Prize winners like Milton Friedman will be seen (how I hope he will be seen!! As other Nobel Prize winners which got their prizes on rather doubtful grounds?). If his ideas will be seen as strange and harmful, which now are spread and tested all over the world soon, and with which effects?? What is he actually spreading? Why these ideas? I don’t know much about politics and economy on that level, but I have feelings and I am reacting… Think it is strange with systems where all people can’t live decently… There shouldn’t exist poor people in the world!!?? No starving people???

Darwin’s survival of the fittest??

I see this from an entire emotional level!!?? From a very naïve point of view?? Or?

A chilly and cloudy morning... Hope it won't be rain.

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