lördag 21 juli 2007

About an artist (painter)…

When I sat at the hair-dresser I looked in magazines with a lot of reportages and a lot of photos over people as it use to be in these of which one of all these reportages and photos was about the Swedish artist Karin Mamma Andersson.

She is in fact youngest daughter to mom’s perhaps best friend in the village Överkalix where they both grew up!! The world is really little. Now I had to google on this Karin.

Here some links: her curriculum vitae in Swedish and in English, and here and here from the Moderna museum in Stockholm about exhibitions she has had there.

She lives with the colleague Jockum Nordström (in Swedish) and they have two sons Valentin, 19, and Rudolf, 16 år.

She was born in February 1962 in Luleå in Norrbotten, in the north of Sweden, where her mom still lives.

She is the woman behind the Nobel-diplomas in literature 2004, 2005 and 2006 to Elfriede Jellinek, Harold Pinter and Orhan Pamuk and got the finest art-prize in Scandinavia, "Carnegie art award", 2005, with the prize-sum of one million Swedish crowns.

She explained her name with that Karin and Andersson are two very common names in Sweden. And when she got children she was called "mamma" by them (as we call our moms here!!!).And then she started to call herself Karin Mamma Andersson, a little for fun, this combination is after all not common at all. And she has continued with this, and now it has become such a "trade mark" too, so she has kept it...

About her in Swedish.
Examples on her paintings at this site.
Articles about her in our two biggest newspapers: Here and here and here. With photos on her.

The painting to the left above is Karin's and the one to the right Jockum's.

Jochum was born 1963 in Stockholm. Addition July 22: He is also author and illustrator of child-books...

It was together with Karin's mom my mom crushed the car-lights on a car-wreck when mom was 4 (or maybe 5) years and Karin's mom one year younger!! Mom got furiously beaten for this with a belt by her father, my grand-father, for this. Sounds horrible, with the beating...

I don't know what has happened with Blogger?? I have lost buttons to edit with, no matter if I use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (or no matter what computer I use; I have blogged on four different computers the last three or four weeks), and when I down-load photos I can't move them or put them where I want as I could earlier!! Why I wonder?

The photos are from articles in our two biggest newspaper, DN and Svd.

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