söndag 8 juli 2007


Ur Aftonbladet idag (hittade inte alla artiklarna på nätet), kultur: ”Att sudda ut det förflutna” om bland annat Milton Friedman och liberalismen av John Berger. Litet samma tema som Arthur Silber se denna länk.
Debatt/medier: ”Ökad oro och ångest bland unga”. Det yttre kommer före det inre – vuxenvärlden måste ta sitt ansvar och finnas där för våra barn. Men jag gillar inte kristdemokraternas moralistiska familjepolitik!!!
Relationsakuten: ”Jag orkar inte längre”, om att jämställdheten måste börja hemma!??

Tillägg 9 juli: Annan artikel om Naomi Klein, om kriget i Irak. Sven Wollter om vandalerna i stadshuset i Stockholm. Helle Klein om ”Live Earth”
It has been raining the whole day, so I have had time to write…But I have taken a walk with poles and the small dog Eskil – in the rain. The house-painting took a break. But I took ohotos on flowers in two big copper-pans here. In one of these we warmed water me and the two siblings that comes after me when we lived alone at our farm in Skåne when mom and dad and the three youngest siblings had moved to the middle of the counrty. We bathed in this water that we had warmed with fire-wood and washed cloths in the water too (but not the water we have bathed in of course! :-))!! Sounds incredible now!! Not so spoilt children even if we wasn't a poor family... We also cycled 9 km to the school-bus and traveled with it 25 or 30 km to the gymnasium in Eslöv, my one yeasr younger brothers and I. And we took care of thres ponnies, and sheeps too... I wonder how the school-work was done then?? And before we too moved my brother and I did an operation in our jaws... Not fun...

In the beginning we had no phone either. We had never lived at this farm before, just had had animals there...

One can see the brushed timber in the back ground!! :-) The house looks quite "mothy" now!

One article above was about that uneasiness/anxiety and anguish is increasing in young people, they are more concerned about the outer appearance than what they have inside.

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