torsdag 19 juli 2007

Two lazy-bones?

A new trial to post this blogpost, which looked odd:

Two lazy-bones (latmaskar in Swedish)!!! While others are working hard!!?? :-)

The small boy totally concentrated, not hearing or seeing anything!!?? :-) But he is so cute! And my youngest sister has served us with food, so she hasn't been so lazy honestly... He is left-handed! I had to ask him if he is, because I thought I saw it, but wasn't sure. :-)

I look forward to when this painting-work is finished!!!

Addition July 19: the work isn't finished yet... There are a lot of windows on this house, and it took much more time to paint them compared to painting the walls. I have painted five of the big windows and two small, including two doors and the porch-step. There are six big left and six small!!! Phew!

Now I have taken a break to go home, to pay bills, getting my hair cut, water my potted plants...

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