söndag 29 juli 2007

Visit to IKEA...

We visited IKEA in Haparanda yesterday - a rainy day. Suitable for such a visit. Before we went there a lunch (we really needed energy for our shopping). Sofie, 11 years, helped with her specialty - sliced carrots.

In the middle of the store the restaurant laid (then one was a bit hungry!!). And there you could park your carriage with what you had picked in it!! It looked a bit fun, so I couldn't resist taking photos of it. All carriages properly parked there!!!

And I took a photo of the carriage with what I had purchased!! (I was quite satisfied with my shopping!). :-)

In the car after our shopping we voted for if we should drive over the river, Torne älv, to Finland. The majority wanted and thus won!! Then it started to rain even more, which you can see on the car-windows.

And I managed to take photos from the car. Pictures from the toll (if someone should wonder what the motive was on one of the photos, a photo with a lot of rain on the car windows).

The last photo is taken near a place called Kamlunge, when we were almost back to my aunts home.

So - I have been in Finland this summer!! :-)

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