fredag 27 juli 2007

Lingonpaj/cowberry pie...

Joel 8 år och jag har gjort lingonpaj. När han skulle prova den som efterrätt efter lunchen rynkade han ögonbrynen och tyckte pajen var litet sur! :-) Kanske kan man reducera mängden lingon. Eller servera den med tjinuskisås, som är ganska söt? Kanske är detta en paj mer för vuxna än barn? Men att laga den däremot var ganska kul!! Jag tyckte den var ganska god och kan tänka mig att göra den igen!!
Här kommer receptet.

Lingonpaj (Cowberry pie).

Pajdeg (pie dough):
100 gram smör eller margarin (100 gram butter or margarine)
2, 5 dl vetemjöl (2, 5 deciliter wheat flour)
2 msk socker (2 tablespoons=2x15 milliliter, i.e. 30 milliliter, sugar)
0, 5 tsk bakpulver (0, 5 teaspoonful baking-powder, 1 teaspoonful=5 milliliter)

Smält smöret (melt the butter).
Blanda mjöl, socker och bakpulver (mix wheat flour, sugar and baking powder). Rör ner detta i det smälta smöret (mix butter and the flour-mix). Tryck ut degen i en pajform 23 centimeter i diameter (make a pie-shell in a pie-form).

Fyllning (stuffing?):
3/4 liter lingon (0, 75 liter cow-berries)
1, 5 dl socker (2, 5 deciliter sugar)
1 msk potatismjöl (1 table-spoon=15 milliliter potato-flour)
1 kryddmått kanel (1 milliliter cinnamon)

Blanda ingredienserna till fyllningen och häll i pajskalet (mix the ingredients to the stuffing and put in the pie-shell).

Grädda i 225 graders ugn i cirka 25 minuter (bake in a 225 Celsius degrees warm oven circa 25 minutes).

Ät med vispad grädde eller vaniljglass (eat with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream).
Joel, 8 years, and I made this cow berry pie. But when he should try to eat the pie he thought it was a bit sour!!! :-) So maybe one can reduce the amount of cow berries! :-) Maybe this is also more a pie for grown ups??

I took the bike for a tour in the morning. Out on the bike I suddenly got an idea; why not cycle to my youngest uncle. Said and done. It took 24 minutes, nd when I came there they had gone to their sumer house 100 km north!! So I have been out on a long morning tour o bike,one hour and 40 minutes.

My cousin Bengt said that I had cycled 20 km!! But I enjoyed it! Really needed to come out and get some exercise.

Tomorrow we are perhaps going to the newly opened IKEA department store in Haparanda (opened in November I think?). Not that I am very fond of shopping (which I am not at all), but I need some new quilt cover bags (and the IKEA quality is said to be good, and fairly cheap too)... And it would be fun to see this store that is so much spoken about here in Sweden.

And on Sunday I think we will go to the place where my maternal grandparents lived, Överkalix. Approximately 30 km below the arctic circle.

Joel plays Dragon Fable with an intense interest!! Really! All grown ups get thorough information about everything that happens and all figures he meets in this computer-game on the net!! I must admit I have difficulties to capture everything he tells in all eagerness!!

In this game he is a magician (of course, Harry Potter is the favorite number one!!), and Joel has a domestic animal, a pinguine called Linus (inspired by the operative system Linux!! His both parents are engineers from college), purchased for 300 gold (??)!! And when he is talking about the game he uses the English words in a Swenglish way (almost as my English?)!! Talking about "levlar" instead of "levels". And "levlarna" instead of "the levels"! It sounds pretty fun! He is so cute when he is telling one, not standing still, but jumping, running, doing somersaults, watching one with his pepper-brown eyes (not so usual for Swedish kids or people!! But I have brown-eyed cousins here!!!). You really have to be concentrated to follow him!! His fantasy is enormous!!

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