lördag 14 juli 2007

More about feeling(s)...

Came to think before I went to bed yesterday after having written and published the last blogpost:

"Emotional" is "irrational"? Feelings are nothing to trust, but intellect and intelligence on the other hand are? The decisions that are taken “rationally”, by the rational person, are right and the better and more/the trustworthy?

As the doctor Christina Doctare wrote in her book “Brain stress” (“Hjärnstress” in Swedish) that came in the beginning of this millennium: the leaders of the future need both IQ and EQ and jolly good/proper broad bands between those!!

And it is as Pippi Longstocking said; that someone which is very strong (physically and who has power) has to be very kind (the more power he/she has)??

How was it with giving children a voice, and listening to that voice too? And allowing all to have a voice? What are we silencing and are there things that aren’t silenced?

To say “I feel…” can scare many?? If you are holding it on an intellectual level however, than it is less scary for some? I am now also thinking of an organisational level, even a work place where you work with feelings, like in music… But this is true for other levels too? Even on political levels?

But we need different voices!? We need different views on things? If we can share them respectfully?

Feelings, emotions are weakness?? And there IS contempt for weakness here and there?? Not being so (too??) emotional is strength?

By the way, we need politicians with visions for our society… But they are threatening to some, which understands that if people started to speak up they would loose their power?? If people really started to articulate things? What they have to come with would be unveiled?? Is it the Emperors New Cloths??

I am thinking of economists ideas… Which I react on emotionally, very emotionally… And can’t really understand… Because all human beings that are born to this world shouldn’t they live decently?? Everyone of us shouldn’t we??

Where does evilness come from? And how do we handle the evilness that exists in this world?? If you start to philosophize…

You can at least start with yourself??

Feelings and emotions and the trustworthiness of them…

Addition: Had got an email from a friend with a link to this site: “Alert: Say 'no' to New York State forced electroshock.”

Politicians here, Christ Democrats in fact, want to force people to psychiatric treatment (how goes this together with God??? Is this love??). Hypocritical! A. had written about this in ”Tvång - ett kristet eller demokratiskt redskap?” (it would be something like ”Force*) – a Christian or Democratic Tool?”)

*) or coercion?

Thinking of what I wrote above: comes something authoritarian in here?? You have to resort to authoritarianism?? A word that comes for me: moralism (to moralize).

Yes, there has come a neo-moralism in society? If so, that’s horrible!! Just horrible!

After having painted for three hours almost and eaten lunch (working with practical things is excellent for thinking!! Phew!): I am after something, I don’t know really what yet.

Again: the decisions that are taken (on all levels) are rational? No disturbing, unreliable feelings or emotions!?? But if you deny this than it can be really dangerous??

And comes empathy in here too? For me empathy here sounds as having pity with people, and thus putting yourself above??

Now a tour to the town to buy some groceries, painting oil and paint for ground-painting… I wonder if I have done this too properly??!! But you really need training to do this so it looks professionally??

I have taken more photos, so I will probably publish them on the blog too… So one can see some of the results! :-) (do I dare that??). With my professional cell-phone camera (mobiltelefonkamnera in Swedish), observe the self-irony, and the professional photographer I am, hmmm... But that's not what I am after when I take photos or publish them... I just want to give impressions... Yes, want to communicate?? Including document things for myself.

By the way, today it's the birthday of Käbi Laretei (85), Ingmar Bergman (89), our crown-princess Victoria (30), a friend of mine (52?) and a colleague (organist, 64)...

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