onsdag 10 oktober 2007

Sexual abuse, being manly (strong, tough, not weak), beavers...

About sexual abuse again (and earlier blogpost).

“I wasn't aware that Teri Hatcher had been sexually abused. She is a brave woman in coming out, and empowering others. I, for one, appreciate her words " I wish you strength and love, and a journey that leads to your own realization that you are lovable, worthy and deserve good things.

So many of us grow into adulthood, admired and loved by our friends and colleagues, and our deepest darkest secret within is that core feeling about ourselves that we are utterly unlovable, unworthy or deserving of any good things. But underlying that are the darker se
crets of repressed memories and unfelt and unintegrated feelings of being 'made' to feel unlovable, bad, guilty, ashamed, by those who originally 'sinned' against us.

I was aged about 46 when I literally began to wake up to discover, that having suffered for over 25 years with depression, I too had been sexually abused as a very small child, and the energy of this, although trapped and blocked, was driving me in all areas of my life. And, with the help of an enlightened witness I was finally ready to open Pandora's box. I simply began to learn to rage, and the lifetime of depression 'went out the window'. I stil
l rage from time to time. (smile) I am now 59 , and am that 'enlightened witness' for others as they too emerge .

I agree with Teri, If it hasn't happened to you, count your blessings and do something in your community to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone you know.”

“I also think it's very brave of Teri to admit this. The more people that speak up, the bigger the chances are that kids being abused speak out about their abuse and we as individuals and as a community can do something about it. So when famous people come forward, they'll reach many more than us ordinary people.”

More about the phenomenon being manly, i.e. not weak (my ironical reflection over this phenomenon and similar phenomena, though I like walking both with and without poles, cycling etc.). I am not sure I understood this entirely, reacting very spontaneously and "immediately" (and read it very swiftly). From “Breaking Down the Walls of Silence”.

Article in Guardian. And about the boot camp phenomenon even here in Sweden.

And I also read something on this blog about similar things I felt quite ironically; a politician (minister, vice prime-minister!!, in our current government, woman) thinking we should work like beavers (be strong in other manners!?)… Obviously she doesn’t think we do (we are not working like the beavers we should, but I think too many of us do already)!!

She says that:

“Passivity can be found on many levels in society /…/ Of course there are the (extremely) devoted, but unfortunately laziness is often shown in the notion/idea that someone else shall do everything [talk for yourself I say!!!].”

And about children towards their parents:

“Can (my)self!! Is there something that can make parents more overcome/exhausted and at the same time very proud when children are saying things like that? /…/ In my dream for Sweden we are a whole country filled with people which 'can (our)selves'. Which dare to experiment, try ideas and make dreams come true, both big and small (dreams).”

Yes, we are very lazy! So I just say Hallelujah! And from my point of view and perspective I can't say I find this woman especially creative or sensitive! On the contrary!! There is nothing "artistic" in her!! May I say this?? So I just wonder ironically what she knows about creativity!!!??? (I have a cousin, female, exactly the same age as I, which is member - and politician - of Olofssons party...).

What do workaholics do? What do they achieve? Actually? All these rushing around? Do they do as much as they seem to? (some in the literature about exhaustion and stress says it is the opposite...).

Came to think about what Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter wrote in their book "The Truth About Burnout - how organizations cause personal stress and what to do about it (1997?)". See another book by these two (more recent).

Do beavers have time to see sexual abuse (or do they have sensitivity at all in the first place to see or sense or hear it, or to see or sense any abuse at all, wherever it occurs)??? (see the first links in this blogpost). Do they have time to have sex themselves either??? Do they feel any lust to it either if they are too exhausted?? I think the literature says this lust decreases too if I have understood it right!? I can't guarantee I have understood it!! :-)

And this woman was supposed to chat with people in one of our biggest newspaper's chat on the web, but she realized in the last moment (before this chat) that she was double booked (!!!???), so her press-secretary (??) took her place (I don't watch the news nowadays, since a long time, because I feel so horrible hearing about our horrible government and what they do, and how media chose to report about things, even how the Swedish Television chose to report about things sitting in the knees of the government s my feeling, so this is what I have snapped very fast), but answered in the name of Maud Olofsson and not as her press-secretary!! People writing thought they were chatting with Maud Olofsson... (and poor her children I think... I wouldn't want a woman like this as mother!! This Maud Olofsson is much like Margaret Thatcher!! An iron lady!).

PS. Cristina Maslach's homesite.

PPS. Thought of this further at work today, and the female politician Maud Olofsson I quoted above: how does she see us; the grown up population in Sweden? As small children, and she like a sort of mom?? And I don't think (or believe) that the policy she represents, or she either as person, can fill especially many with creativity... On the contrary... Sad (and pretty angry) to say...

Writing spontaneously and thus swiftly and often very upset over all stupidness in this world... Hmmm...


Tillägg 11 oktober: i bloggen Alliansfritt Sverige står det

"Olofsson (egentligen Wärn) påstod att:

'Som politiker måste man vara modig och ta debatt.'"

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