lördag 20 oktober 2007

One of the odd traditions here...

Here one of our odd traditions here in Sweden, at least in the northern parts. Here you can buy this sort of food, because it's about something you can eat - or?? I love it!! :-)

When I had finished the day today (have worked today, despite it's Saturday) and came out and had taken my bike and was about to cycle home I suddenly heard someone saying:
"But hello, k!"
A friend I hadn't seen for maybe 30 years - he thought (class-mate actually, fun he remembers me; I have moved quite a bit during my childhood and teens) ... He was waiting for a male colleague of mine, which is also an old friend. So we went out eating together with the first man's daughter, which is studying music in this town.

We came to talk about the festival linked to above. Why I came to think of this! :-)

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