torsdag 4 oktober 2007


Medkänsla är det detsamma som utplåning/självutplåning? Apropå föregående blogg om ondska och tillägg i slutet... Medkänsla innebär det total avsaknad av krav?
Empathy is that the same as entire obliteration? Yes, it can be!? Should it be? Empathy is that an entire lack of demands or wishes? These wonders apropos the former blogpost about evilness and phenomena in society, and about Greenspan who had said in an interview in a Swedish newspaper that he was "scared" about the budget-deficit (??) in US. He meant that the reduction of taxes came at the right moment, but the economists (politicians) have not been able to hold the costs for health care down as they should, where the problems will be seen even more clearly in the nearest future, because the population is turning older and older (the average age!?)...

Greenspan himself is still going strong though!!! Look at him! The model for all to follow!!! (with this not said the opposite either!! I want to underline! Of course it's nice if and when people are active up in high ages!! But those who aren't... And why are some and some not?)

I wondered: what does he mean? What shall we do with all those that aren't as active as the 81-year old Greenspan?
"Look, I am! I can! (shouldn't you too then???)"
The ones that aren't aren't worth a nickel? It's only the ones that can produce something that are worth something? Which mean children, old ("inactive") people, disabled etc. aren't worth anything?? Their human worth is nothing? They shall keep quiet, should be taught manners (??) and be extremely humble and grateful they have the right to exist at all? (shame on them!!?).

Because that's what Greenspan had to learn himself once? For his own good? So he should manage life better? Be prepared for it? Why he has been so successful? Learnings he is extremely grateful for?

But what have they actually meant? Not only for him personally, but also for his environment/surrounding? The nearest and for millions of people? Has he maybe lost something? Do we have any idea about the things we have lost, things we have never experienced, as for instance real, genuine empathy and compassion and warmth and love?

And how can such people get so much power? How can they "operate" in that way, without being "moderated" more? Because many of us are raised in a similar "atmosphere" and manner as Greenspan?? Probably very strictly and authoritarian, where we learned to obey, be good girls and boys, and keep quiet and be grateful and feel enormous shame for our bad nature and manners!? And this is the right method in raising children!? If people don't agree with this they haven't been brought up strictly enough!? Haven't been brought up really properly!? So now we have to try to teach them!?

I am just wondering...

No, this isn't easy solved... How do we do it? How do we enlighten? Can we? Who are enlightened enough? Who knows "the truth"? Who sits on the truth as we say? What about empathy, compassion, civil courage? And not least HUMAN DIGNITY??? To let people keep their human dignity and live with human dignity!? Can we and shall we have that as a guiding principle?? Overruling everything else? Is this an utopia? Very, very naive? Is there a God in heaven? How does he look on the world and what's happening there?? I can't help wondering...

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